Spoils of Time Asian Ceramics and Works of Art
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Shang Ritual Bronzes in the Arthur M. Sackler Collections, Bagley
Art From Ritual, Ancient Bronze Vessels, Sackler, Ex Warren E. Burger
Bronze, Clay and Stone, Chinese Art in the C.C. Wang Family Collection
Modern Art Pottery Mixed Media Charger, Turker Ozdogan
Modern Japanese Seal Marked Tenmoku Glazed Pottery Koro
Modern Japanese Iron Glaze Decorated Pottery Tsubo Vase
Two, Signed Japanese Glazed Pottery Yunomi (Tea Cups)
Large Kamakura Style Studio Incised Red Lacquer Charger
Signed Kamakura-Bori Negoro Lacquer, Hibiscus Decor
Zohiko lacquer covered bowl, 4.5 inch, with leaf motif
Zohiko lacquer covered bowl, 5 inch, with leaf motif
Two Zohiko lacquer covered bowls. 5 inch, feather motif
Four Zohiko lacquer plates, 7 3/4 inch, feather motif
Signed Zohiko covered lacquer soup bowls, feather motif
Modern, Unglazed,Japanese Brown Pottery Vase, Bold Chatter Decoration
Hollow, Carved Mallard Duck Decoy with Keel, H.W. Jones
Burmese Red Lacquer Covered Box With Fitted Bowl Insert
Burmese Red Lacquer Cylindrical Covered Box