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All Items : Antiques : Furnishings : Furniture : American : Federal : Pre 1837 VR item #1317909
Spoils of Time
An unusual and dramatic firescreen abattant. It reminds me of some of the smaller, New York classical parlor furniture I've seen in Southern house tours with late Federal drawing and music rooms furnished with pieces imported by successful merchants - almost, but not quite, over the top in their design yet direct in their function. So an argument could be made for high, New York city style. And the inlaid oval in the center, with pie crimped edge, is reminiscent of some New England work. The passive function is that of a firescreen and explains the distress to the side with inlay which likely faced the fireplace (rather than the upholstered side.) The "surprise" is the enclosed work area with the hinged top dropping to provide a writing surface (abattant [fr], "put horizontal") below the interior fitted with letter or document slots (only the back one of three dividing slats remaining - evidence of two more, and three segments which would have divided at least one of two lateral slots into three sections.) Perhaps because of the narrow profile, there appears to be no secondary wood under or behind any of the solid mahogany. Condition is quite good considering the likely heat exposure as a firescreen and probable stress to the hinged top which relies upon the case as a counter-stop. We had distress to the inlaid surface evened out, filled and finished - disturbing old finish as less as possible - to make it presentable for the decorator yet acceptable to the collector. We left the old upholstery (possibly original) alone for the next steward to decide. Our restorer (specializing in period furniture) had also never before encountered this design. Our photographs illustrate the character of the old, now serviceable inlaid surface. Ca 1800 - 1810. Height, about 42 3/4 inches. Width, about 21 5/8 inches (about 22 1/4 inches wide at the trestle base). We are offering American furniture from our personal collection while lightening up in preparation for a distant move - reasonable offers entertained.
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Oil : N. America : American : Pre 1900 item #1318587
Spoils of Time
A 19th century American folk art painting. Oil on canvas. Table top still life of bountiful agricultural harvest and a pineapple likely from port trade (pineapples were popular import produce in 19th century port cities and much can be read of pineapples in American tradition and design - most notably relating to hospitality.) Relined - otherwise good, clean and bright condition. Stretcher dimensions 30 1/2 inches x 25 1/4 inches. We acquired this in the late 90s from a long time Georgetown period furniture dealer (and Trocadero member) who had this in his own dining room for years. We have, also, enjoyed it in ours since but it is now time to lighten up as we prepare for a distant move.
All Items : Antiques : Furnishings : Furniture : American : Victorian : Pre 1900 item #1112241
Spoils of Time
A fine 19th century classical rosewood canterbury. The four compartments separated by three rail and stile partitions with handle, enclosed by openwork lyre sides and turned corner posts with finials, all over two drawer case raised on turned feet. Wonderfully appropriate for a period music room. The two drawers likely cost the patron a pretty penny in the period and are not commonly encountered. Secondary woods (exhibiting only hand rendered kerf marks) include red cedar and chamfered poplar for the drawers, and red cedar and knotty pine for the case. Note the darker oxidation (as expected) on the exposed lower drawer bottom. Probably American, inspired by Regency design. Compare with Neal's 2005 Winter Estates Auction lot 261 which lacked case and drawers. Very good condition save some rosewood veneer loss on one side lyre (see third enlargement - a minor consideration easily restored - we will not.) This will ship oversized or by special delivery service at buyer's expense. Length 20 1/2 inches (52cm), Height 18 inches (45.7cm), Depth 14 1/2 inches (36.8cm).
All Items : Antiques : Furnishings : Furniture : American : Centennial : Pre 1900 item #1126167
Spoils of Time
A centennial pair of Federal style bench made mahogany stands. Truly fine specimens - each with shaped mahogany top over conforming figured mahogany veneered and beaded case. Each case with canted corners centering ring turned leg posts and with serpentine front. Each front with two beaded and line inlaid drawers each with two brass pulls. The mahogany legs, below the case, reeded and gracefully swelling and then tapering to high, turned feet. Poplar secondary wood. Bottom drawer of each showing more oxidation on the bottom as would be expected. While the drawers are not graduated, fit is not interchangeable. Close inspection reveals other signs of hand crafting including some chamfering, dovetailing as well as some kerfs and planing. The stands function perfectly as end tables to a sofa in the modern home. In the period this form would have been used hold necessary accessories in its drawers (perhaps sewing or writing) and on its top such as candle holders (ergo the name "stand".) Condition is good and serviceable. The tops have been more recently refinished and show minor distress from use - one with minor splitting (still one piece.) The rest possibly never refinished - with good color and patina and minor signs of use, wear and care. Each Height 28 5/8 inches, Width 17 3/8 inches, Depth about 16 7/8 inches. Reasonable offers considered while we prepare for a distant move. Shipping is at buyer's expense and will require delivery by a qualified service.
All Items : Antiques : Regional Art : Asian : Japanese : Stoneware : Pre 1837 VR item #1157300
Spoils of Time
An Edo period Oribe sake bottle of simple but full proportions and with classically Japanese Zen decoration - austerely yet sensitively placed grass and blooms decoration in iron oxide on the softly crackled opaque off-white glaze ever so slightly scorched in the kiln on two sides where the body is almost slightly exposed and oxidized to a buff tone at those points. The cut foot also glazed save for a crescent reserve around the center where the warm gray body is exposed. The rim and neck glazed green with tinges leaning bluer and oxidizing to a reddish-brown where the glaze has pooled - all with a very slight hint of iridescence to the finely crazed glazed. Five, parallel incised rings around the shoulder before transitioning to the oatmeal colored opaque walls. Anonymous. Good condition. Height 7 inches.