Spoils of Time Asian Ceramics and Works of Art
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Mishina Tanto, Hisamichi & Rai Hisatsugu, Branched Kiku on Tang, NBTHK
Massive 17th, 18th Century Ko-Imari Bijin Vase, Probably Genroku Era
Rare and Unusual Japanese Lacquer Covered Tray on Stand with Drawer
Suzhou School Agate Snuff Bottle - Figures in Landscape (Le Tieguai)
Set Five Ko-Imari Kakiemon Style Polychrome Enamel Cups
Attractive Pair of Pale Blue Peking Glass Vases, Republican Era
Japanese Blue and White Kakiemon Type Porcelain Dish, Bird in Branches
Korean Ink and Light Colors on Paper, Boat in Landscape
Rare Japanese Arita Shunga Decorated Blue and White Porcelain Haisen
An Elegant, Japanese, Stylized Lotus Themed Bronze Vase, Meiji Period
Blue & White Kakiemon Style Dish, Teahouse, Spiderweb, Karakusa, Fuku
Fine Late Meiji Hirado Okimono Two Karako Playing With Shishi-mai Mask
Lacquer Named Kabuki Actor Portrait Box, Daihachi Role
Ko-Tosho Tsuba with Sukashi Decoration of Bamboo Trellis and Eggplants
A Good Chinese Boxwood Carving of Budai, with Bat and Children
Set Six Indonesian Bronze Mandala Figures with Instruments and Sutra
Qing Dynasty Shoushan Seal Depicting Lu Dongpin, with Whisk and Fruit
Fukagawa Iris pattern large 9 1/2 inch centerpiece bowl