Spoils of Time
Also in The Antique Center at Historic Savage Mill, 8600 Foundry Street, Savage Maryland

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Spoils of Time
A German, domed top chest with ornamental hand wrought iron hardware, heavily oxidized and worn original surface and paint, and marked in white “T Adam Schuch reifst nach New York”. The chest looks like 17th century work. The name and destination likely added in the 18th century upon immigration. Reasonably good decoration considering the history. Length, 35 inches. Height, 17 1/2 inches. Depth, 18 1/2 to 19 inches (varying due to movement of the wood at the joinings).
Spoils of Time
A finely made and carved Louis XV style side chair, 19th century. Upholstered with fragments from an 18th century hunt themed tapestry. A charming and atmospheric interior accent. The chair in good, serviceable condition with expected wear. The upholstery simply divine - showing it’s age with conservation preserving its decorative impact. Seat height, about 18 inches. Back height about 38 1/2 inches.
All Items Antique Furniture: Continental (2)
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