Spoils of Time
Also in The Antique Center at Historic Savage Mill, 8600 Foundry Street, Savage Maryland

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Spoils of Time
A fine and rare Pennsylvania Dutch Amish folk art candle box carved from a single piece of yellow pine (no joining at all). The interior hollowed and the interior sides hand planed. One side with bas relief carved hex motifs. The other side with the initials, IF and IB (if read left to right, though not sure of the intended order), likely of a married couple and with other carved and incised adornment including hearts. Fitted, sliding top (the only exception to it being wholly one piece). Possibly a wedding gift. At least 19th century and possibly 18th century. In addition to the distinctly Dutch Amish carved decoration, yellow pine is typical of the Pennsylvania home to the community - used extensively in furniture of the region. Wonderful, lovingly used condition with undisturbed patina. Very good condition with expected wear and natural checking along the wood grain. Length, up to 15 1/4 inches at the longest points (with variation to about 15 inches at points)
All Items Decorative Art: Boxes (1)
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