Spoils of Time
Also in The Antique Center at Historic Savage Mill, 8600 Foundry Street, Savage Maryland

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Spoils of Time
A small Chinese blue and white soft paste porcelain seal paste box and cover. "Hundred Boys" motif and an artemisia leaf blue underglaze mark centered within the biscuit ring foot. Qing dynasty - presumed late in the period. Good condition on the exterior. A chip along interior biscuit rim of the shallow bowl - fully concealed when the cover is in place. See images. 1 3/4 inches diameter. With cover in place, about 3/4 inches high.
Spoils of Time
Small Chinese Bi-form white jade ornament in the Mughal manner with cupped chrysanthemum petals in three, concentric, graduated circles surrounding a cross-hatched, pierced center. The flat verso cupped slightly toward the face along the rim, with small drilling (exhibiting hand craftsmanship) either side of the central aperture and with the surface exhibiting natural texture of the hand worked surface. Qing dynasty. Good condition. Diameter 2 1/8 inches.
Spoils of Time
An attractive, light turquoise glazed porcelain jar. Anhua (‘hidden’ or ‘secret’) decoration of peonies and vine incised into the porcelain and discernable through the glaze. A six character Kangxi mark, also Anhua (incised into the porcelain), visible through the glaze centered inside the foot rim. The mark is probably apocryphal as we believe the jar is not earlier than 19th century.
Spoils of Time
A good Chinese boxwood carving of Budai. Three children clamor over him. A bat appears on his right hand. Bone and horn inlays detail his eyes and teeth. Rich, mellow old patina. Nice grain figure in places. Late Qing to early Republic. Ca 1900. Very good condition with typical minor distress checks in the old hardwood surface. Remnants of old label. Height, about 4 5/8 inches high.
All Items Chinese (4)
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